Several years ago, we realized there was an acute need for quality IT experts in the healthcare industry. The fact that hospitals, clinics and universities often look for IT personnel with clinical backgrounds made it even more difficult for these organizations to fill their ranks. So we created the Digital Prospectors Healthcare Division to connect clinically experienced IT candidates and consultants with the healthcare organizations who so desperately need them.

Utilizing our proven Six Point Prospecting™ methodology, Digital Prospectors has had a positive impact on projects at major healthcare organizations across the country, delivering desirable candidates for short-term projects and staff positions alike. Whether it's a large hospital system implementing EMR, a university medical center with a large integration project, or a small hospital that is short-staffed and desperately needs to relieve the strain, we have successfully located and provided highly skilled candidates to get the job done.

Some of the projects Digital Prospectors has successfully led include:

2010 to current - At a large hospital system in MN —DPC was engaged by a hospital system in MN, to provide a large team of Epic Certified Principal and Credentialed Trainers. DPC consultants participated and led in the development of the full curriculum life cycle, provided train the trainer support, provided go-live support, and managed a large team of Credentialed Trainers. DPC’s Epic Trainers supported Epic’s Ambulatory, InPatient, OrderSets, Clin Doc, ASAP, Stork, Resolute, Cadence and HIM.

2010 to current – At a large hospital system in CA —DPC has been engaged to provide Legacy Systems Support for the Siemens Invision and Signature Systems, as the hospital migrates from Siemens Invision to Siemens Soarian. DPC is also providing Siemens Soarian Scheduling consulting expertise.

2010 to current – At a large University Medical Center — DPC is assisting this facility as it migrates from Siemens Invision to Epic. DPC is providing Siemens Invision legacy support for the Invision Patient Accounting and Patient Management system. DPC is also providing Epic Certified OrderSets Application Build consultant as well as Epic Certified Beacon Application Analyst.

2010 to current —DPC has been helping this Ohio based hospital system as it continues its implementation of Epic’s full suite of software. DPC is assisting by providing Epic Certified ASAP Systems Analyst, Epic Project Manager, Epic Certified Prelude Application Analyst, Epic Certified Cadence Analyst. DPC has been working successfully with this hospital concurrently since 2005.

At a large healthcare system — Provided OAS Gold builders, for Invision Clinical (CPOE) and Patient Management. Supported Siemens Pharmacy. Provided AdHoc reporting support, Quovadx Cloverleaf integration and Siemens Openlink interface experts. Located and placed a direct-hire candidate who was an expert in Siemens Invision Patient Management and Clinical systems.

At a large university medical center — Provided a SeeBeyond eGate Architect. Provided a Siemens OAS Builder and Invision Support Analyst. Provided a COBOL programmer with expertise in Invision Patient Accounting.

At a small healthcare system — Provided a Siemens OAS Builder/Invision Patient Management Support Analyst. Provided a Misys Pharmacy Implementation Project Manager and a Lawson Implementation Project Manager.

At a large healthcare system — Provided Epic Rx Pharmacy Builders/Pharmacists. Provided Epic Project Managers. Provided a Clarity Reports Analyst and MUMPS/CACHE Programmer. Located and placed a direct-hire candidate who was an expert in Siemens Invision Patient Management and Clinical systems.

At a small hospital — Provided OAS Gold CPOE builder. Provided a Quovadx Cloverleaf Integration expert and a Cerner CCL programmer.

A large healthcare system — Provided a McKesson Project Manager to lead a full life cycle Horizon implementation.

Today, digital Prospectors provides consultants and direct-hire candidates for all areas of healthcare IT, including:

  • Epic
  • Eclipsys
  • Siemens
  • GE/IDX
  • Lawson
  • McKesson
  • Quovadx

While the vendors listed here are the focus for many of our customers, there are also hundreds of smaller, often less visible vendor product specialists providing quality products to healthcare organizations. And with Digital Prospectors, you have access to them all. See why we are truly experts at finding experts. To find out more about Digital Prospectors Health Care Division, contact us today.

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